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Startup Investing for Angel Investors

The MicroVentures platform offers investors a gateway to investment opportunities in pre-vetted early stage startups and also secondary investment opportunities. Traditionally these investments have required a larger capital commitment. Not anymore. Now you can access private investment opportunities, sometimes for as little as $100.

Overview of Investment Process

Review Offerings and Documents

Once your account has been activated you will have access to our offerings that are available to you and their funding documents. Both are reviewable online from your account at any time.

Pinpoint Investment Opportunity and Act

When you find an investment you like, you can invest online. Or, if you have any questions, you have direct access to our team of Investor Relations Associates who can walk you through the investment process.

Opportunity Closes and Gets Funded

Once the investment opportunity closes and is funded, you will be able to access the offering documents on your portfolio page.

How We Add Value & Attempt to Reduce Risk


Equity crowdfunding is a continually evolving space. We started raising capital for startups in 2011. Since then we have made over 160 investments and raised over $100M. We have led investment rounds and have had successful exits in both early and late stage investment opportunities.


MicroVenture Marketplace is a FINRA registered broker-dealer specializing in Regulation 506. Its Investors Relations works with accredited investors and can discuss equity crowdfunding, investing in startups, and online investment opportunities.

Customer Service

We want to help in any way we can to educate you on startup investing. In fact, we love helping investors so much, our phone number is on the site. It actually works – call it and one of our Investor Relations Associates will pick up and talk to you about anything you want.


The MicroVentures platform provides a unique investment experience. Offering both Regulation D 506 and Regulation Crowdfunding investment opportunities, which in the past have ranged from seed stage to later stage companies.