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Regulation Crowdfunding Education Center


Title III of the JOBS Act went into effect last May, opening more equity crowdfunding opportunities to non-accredited investors and loosening restrictions on startups looking to raise funds on equity crowdfunding platforms like MicroVentures. Thanks to Title III, ordinary investors aged 18 and older can now invest in startups. Although there are limits to the amount you can invest, you no longer have to be wealthy – or an “accredited investor” – to invest in private companies.

Federal law requires that you understand the risks of investing in early-stage companies before you invest on platforms like MicroVentures. You should also familiarize yourself with the investment process and regulations, including investment limits, cancellation policies, and sale restrictions. This FAQ provides basic information on these and other important topics, but you may need to refer to other resources for a complete understanding of Title III equity crowdfunding.