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MicroVentures is more than just an equity crowdfunding platform. We also offer a solution that sources private equity deal flow for qualified institutional investors including family offices. We serve institutional investor clients in the U.S. and globally, providing direct access to both early and late stage private companies that are frequently closed off to other investors.

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Secondary Transactions

Institutional investors are showing increasing interest in participating in secondary transactions. MicroVentures can source these opportunities and facilitate investments between buyers and sellers. We source both primary and secondary investment opportunities for institutional investors across a number of growth sectors, and our platform is designed to facilitate the larger transactions typically associated with these types of investments.

Docusign, The Honest Company, Palantir, Domo, Dropbox

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Co-investment Opportunities

In addition to making direct investments, our institutional investors may also have the option to co-invest alongside MicroVentures in specific investment opportunities in early and late stage companies.

Biobots, Biomeme, Space Monkey, Oru Kayak, Razzor Technologies, Inc

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