MicroVentures is a platform that helps startups and small businesses raise capital online. We currently raise capital through Regulation D Rule 506 and Regulation Crowdfunding(CF). Once you apply we will discuss what option may be right for you.

Our main areas of investment are:

  • Internet Technology
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Software
  • Green Technology
  • Mobile
  • Gaming

But we've raised capital for all sorts of businesses not on this list.

If you are interested in us possibly raising money for your company, here is what we look for:

What We Look For

Our investors are always looking for great opportunities. If you have a company with a unique idea, then we are interested in learning more. The sweet spot for our platform is companies or startups that need $150,000 to $1,000,000 in capital.

What Our Investors Look For:

  1. A unique or new idea. If it’s not new, they want to see an innovative spin on old technology.
  2. Market traction, which could be in Alpha or Beta customers, partnerships, revenue, or other metrics that define success. They’re not just looking for good ideas—they want ideas + execution.
  3. A solid team with experience in their industry.

In other words, our investors look for three things: Good Ideas, Market Traction, and a Good Team.

Our Process

MicroVentures reviews startups with the same level of rigor as traditional Venture Capital firms. We screen all offering applicants using specific criteria—an evaluation of suitable risk, likelihood of profitability, willingness to give up an equity stake in exchange for capital, etc.—and select only the startups that meet our high level of standard.

If approved, your business opportunity will be listed on our website for angel investors to review and help fund. MicroVentures is a registered broker-dealer and allows investors to securely invest online—making the process seamless for all parties.

Company FAQ

How long will the funding process take?
It typically takes us 6 weeks from the time of your application submission to final approval and the actual funding date. Once fully funded, you should expect to receive your funds within 2 weeks.
What information will I be required to provide during the evaluation process?
Our Due Diligence Manager will analyze the business information and funding request from your application and prepare the funding report that goes to the MicroVentures evaluation committee.
How does MicroVentures determine whether my business is eligible to be listed on the site?
MicroVentures looks for businesses that have a unique idea or a new spin on an old technology. We review the team, traction, market size and other factors to determine if the company will be a good fit for our platform. Additionally, we believe in accountability to the business (or concept), which is one reason we seek to identify firms whose founders already have invested their own capital in their business.
What information will be published to potential investors?
We will provide the following in the Private Placement Memo: The business structure, the share structure of the company, SEC disclosures about the shares being purchased, company information, information on the company operations, risks involved with the investment, management information and use of proceeds.
When does the money from investors actually distribute to my business?
Typically 14 days after funding is completed, MicroVentures will complete the investment process and disburse the funds.
Will I incur any ongoing reporting requirements?
You will be required to provide us with a quarterly update that we can share with investors. Additionally, depending on the regulation that you raised under, you may have additional requirements.
How do I "buy-back" the private equity shares that have been issued?
Our staff will help you communicate with the investors, and depending on the Investment Document, MicroVentures can provide contract provisions to enable you if you wish to buy back shares at a multiple of the price the investors paid.
How long will an investor be required to hold my shares?
The requirement is one year based on SEC regulations.
Who determines the value of outstanding shares?
MicroVentures and the business will work together to determine the value of outstanding shares.
How do I request additional funding for my business if needed?
We are happy to consider assisting in additional funding rounds. All you have to do is contact us.