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Buying or Selling Late Stage Private Stock

Microventures has the experience and platform to facilitate secondary transactions for our community of investors and sellers of private stock.

Sellers of Private Stock

MicroVentures can help by finding qualified investors to buy your shares and by facilitating an efficient, secure, and secondary transaction on our platform.

Whether you are seeking liquidity or diversification into other investments, we have the experience working with companies like yours, to facilitate the transaction.

Buyers of Private Stock

(Minimum investment $50,000)

Are you an accredited or institutional investor looking to bring late stage secondary investment opportunities to your portfolio?

With more startups staying private longer, investors are looking for ways to add equity in private companies to their investment mix through the use of secondary transactions. We have offered our investors the opportunity to purchase equity, either as direct investments or through special purpose vehicles.*

We have a large and active community of accredited

and institutional investors who look to us for opportunities

to invest in private companies — often through

the secondary sale of shares like yours.

Learn More About Sellers Buyers

If you'd like to learn more, we would be happy to explain the process in more detail. We can also advise you on the latest market pricing trends for your particular stock and provide an estimated timeframe for a prospective transaction. Simply complete the short form by clicking on the button below.

If you would like to learn more, we are happy to explain the process in more detail. We can also discuss companies that we currently have direct access to and let you know market pricing trends for companies you are interested in. Simply complete the short form by clicking on the button below.

*Investments in late-stage companies are highly speculative and involve significant risks due to, among other things, inconsistent cash flows of the company, the nature of its proposed investments, and potential conflicts of interest.

These investments are not suitable for anyone who does not have a high tolerance for risk and/or has high liquidity needs. You should invest only if you are able to bear the risk of losing your entire investment. There are no assurances that investors will receive any return of capital or profit.