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Portfolio Profile: VaycayHero

With the rise of peer-to-peer marketplaces, the entire travel industry has been reshaped. From on-demand car services (Uber and Lyft) to finding cozy, short-term accommodations (Airbnb), moving in and around new places has become significantly easier. vacayhero

VaycayHero (formerly Zaranga) adds a compelling twist. Unlike others in the vacation rental industry, it provides pricing and calendar accuracy, the ability to book rentals instantly, and a concierge service similar to that of hotel chains. Simply put, VaycayHero is the easiest and safest way to rent a vacation home. Since its inception, over 15,000 guests have stayed at these properties, and having recently raised a $2.8 million seed round, the company looks to grow and expand.

“We work with top-notch vacation rental providers, all our information is accurate and up-to-date, bookings are confirmed instantly online, and should you need any help, our friendly concierge team is there to assist you.” VaycayHero considers itself a “full-service vacation rental website.” Better service for better vacations.

As mentioned, rentals through VaycayHero are 100% accurate, verified by professionals, with calendars and pricing automatically updated. Think of it this way: with a professionally managed property, the consumer is now dealing with verified hosts (guaranteeing cleanliness and safety standards) and with rates that have been exclusively negotiated. This eliminates the chance of surprises, or dealing with a delinquent homeowner in the case of an issue on the property.

“We want to maintain a certain level of standard with the houses that are listed. That’s what makes them ‘high-quality’ and ‘predictable’,” shared founder Anirban Bardalaye in an interview with Forbes last year. “Today, we get them only with vacation rentals that are managed professionally. In the future, we would be open to other vacation rentals as long as they adhere to our standards.”

MicroVentures first invested in VaycayHero’s seed round in March, 2013. Since then, the company demonstrated impressive progress in refining their product and delivering it to market. Further, they achieved a strong growth trajectory and exceeded their early projections. MicroVentures invested in VaycayHero a second time in August, 2014 to help the company establish ten new locations, hire new engineering and marketing personnel, and increase top line user growth. Most recently VaycayHero finished Q1 2015 with 150% month-over-month user growth and is rapidly expanding to all of the top vacation destinations in the US (currently featured in the top 15 markets).

The San Francisco-based company continues to grow, both its team and into new markets, creating tangible benefits for property owners, managers, travelers, and investors.