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Debt vs. Equity

Convertible notes are financial instruments used to raise funds in the private market and have some overlap with properties of equity and debt. In this blog, we will introduce them and cover specific considerations investors should be aware of. Convertible … Continue reading

Understanding Equity Deal Terms

Understanding Equity Deal Terms

Equity deal terms should be thoroughly understood before choosing to make an investment in a startup. There are multiple combinations, and every equity deal is unique. So how can investors understand the specific terms of the equity deal? How do … Continue reading

For many startups, the long-established method of raising the necessary funds to get their business to the next level can be a long and winding path. From conducting research, to pitching to investors, to negotiating equity valuation and potentially adjusting … Continue reading

In our last blog post, we reviewed what convertible notes are, their key features, when, and why they’re used. We also briefly touched on the crowd note as a modified version of a convertible note that was designed specifically for … Continue reading