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Beyond Silicon Valley: Startup Hubs Around the World

startup hubs beyond silicon valleyWhen you think of a startup hub, you probably first think of Silicon Valley. And no wonder – the area has long been considered a leader in innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. Located within a melting pot of academia, private enterprise, and government agencies, Silicon Valley is home to numerous Fortune 500 companies and thousands of startups. Plus, the area’s many angel investors and venture capitalists collectively account for more than 33% of all venture capital investment in the U.S.

But Silicon Valley isn’t the only area with a large concentration of startup or investment activity. Cities with positive business environments, easy access to resources, affordable office space, and top talent are located across the U.S. and the world.

Outside the U.S., London has consistently been ranked at the top of the charts for tech startups, with at least 4,300 tech startups and the fourth highest startup output in the world. Bangalore also boasts an impressive number of startups: 4,900 active startups with nearly $2.3 billion in investments in 2015. With a prime location between India and China, Singapore startups hold a large market reach potential and has beat Silicon Valley when it comes to talent. Stockholm has been named a “unicorn factory,” with companies like Spotify, Klarna, and King all seeing success. Tel Aviv is frequently named the top city for startups outside of the U.S. In 2016, the city saw exits worth $9.2 billion and 1,300 new startups are founded each year.

While Silicon Valley may have maintained its reign as the top location for startup visionaries and venture capitalists this year, it’s clear that more cities around the globe are developing their own unique ecosystems to encourage growth and inspire disruptive change. Subscribe to our blog to stay up to date on more startup news. Not a MicroVentures investor? Sign up today.