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MicroVentures partners with Indiegogo

688dd5ce4aa41ce8d9f5f8727ec49b5795974e5034efcb0c2apimgpsh_fullsize_distrWe are excited to announce a new partnership with Indiegogo, a leader in perks-based crowdfunding, that gives anyone the ability to invest as little as $100 in startups and small businesses on the MicroVentures platform.

In 2009, MicroVentures was founded with the purpose of allowing anyone access to invest small amounts of capital in startups and other private companies. This was when the average venture capital investment was well over $100,000 and frankly, you had to know someone to even get access to invest. We have primarily given accredited investors access to early and late stage startup opportunities for as little as $5,000. Over the past six years, our investors have deployed over $100 million through our platform in over 125 portfolio companies.

Our goal, however, has always been to open up our platform to all investors – not just accredited. In 2012, the JOBS ACT was passed with the goal of making private investing less restrictive and assist startups in raising capital from a larger group of investors. Title III (Regulation Crowdfunding or Reg CF) of the JOBS ACT was enacted on May 16, 2016. We can now extend private startup offerings to all our investors and thousands more through our partnership with Indiegogo.

Now all investors will have the ability to invest in private companies across all industries that are looking to raise capital from the crowd. Through our partnership with Indiegogo, we will continue to do due diligence on all companies that offer securities on our platform and to provide industry leading customer service and ongoing investor support after the companies are funded.

Take a look at the first batch of companies and be sure to check back frequently as we have a robust pipeline of companies that will be offering securities through our platform.