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Startup Pitching

You’ve researched different regulation crowdfunding platforms, compiled the necessary financials, crafted your pitch, and determined your funding goal. Why then do you also need a campaign video? While it may seem like extra work, requiring extra time and money to … Continue reading

What Makes a VC a “Good” Partner

What Makes a VC a “Good” Partner

When you’re trying to raise money for your startup, it can seem like any funding offer is a good offer. Typically, however, venture capitalists (VCs) and angel investors don’t just hand startups money. More often than not, they will also … Continue reading

Today is the final part of our series on what VCs and other investors look for in startups beyond financials. We’ve already mentioned the importance of having an experienced management team, up-to-date social media profiles, and strong information security. Now, … Continue reading

Today we’re continuing to explore what VCs and other investors seek in startups before they decide to invest. We’ve already mentioned the importance of having a strong management team and up-to-date social media profiles, but what about protecting confidential information? … Continue reading

You’ve carefully crafted your pitch deck to showcase your product, your team, and your revenue, sales numbers, signups, and projections. But other factors are playing an increasingly important role for VCs as they determine whether to invest in a startup. … Continue reading

As an entrepreneur, you’ve worked hard to support your idea. You’ve created a memorable pitch, you’ve identified your potential market size, and you’ve maybe even achieved some customer interest or product sales. However, when it comes time to present your … Continue reading

We at MicroVentures were honored to attend the Techstars Austin Demo Day this year. Founded in 2007, Techstars operates accelerator programs in cities across the U.S. and the world, including Austin, Boston, Boulder, Los Angeles, Seattle, Berlin, Paris, and Toronto. … Continue reading

How accurate is Shark Tank, really?

How accurate is Shark Tank, really?

With ABC’s television series Shark Tank came a surge of everyday people interested in investing in startups. While Shark Tank is certainly a unique syndicated show, with its talk of equity, valuations, and debt, how well does the show portray … Continue reading