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When a startup founder is pitching to investors, typically, that founder is advised to include highly detailed charts, financial numbers, and milestones. With more information, investors can gain a better idea of where a startup is in its journey, if … Continue reading

After all the research, all the intros, all the pitches, and all the negotiations, you’ve done it – your startup has gone through a successful funding round. You’ve made it to the other side…so what’s next? The hard work isn’t … Continue reading

Amazon. Airbnb. Snap Inc. Groupon. 23andMe. While these companies wouldn’t initially seem to have much in common, they were in fact all started by non-tech founders. Jeff Bezos of Amazon initially worked on Wall Street before founding the billion-dollar company; … Continue reading

If there is one constant when it comes to technology, it’s that it doesn’t stay constant. The tech world is always changing, with any number of updates, patches, and improvements released on a sometimes-daily basis. With all those changes, it’s … Continue reading

Startup Trends for 2018

Startup Trends for 2018

According to PitchBook, VCs poured more than $148 billion into private companies in 2017. Series A funding rounds have grown – 39% were $25 million or larger, while less than a quarter were between $5 million and $10 million. Several … Continue reading

While startup founders may receive the majority of news headlines and recognition surrounding their companies, there is often another group involved in making business decisions: a board of directors. A board of directors is a group of individuals that act … Continue reading