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Venture Capital, Entrepreneur, and Tech Blogs to Follow

Blogs startups and investors should readWith venture capital growing at such a fast rate, it’s hard to keep up with the overload of information pouring in from every direction. The blogs you read depend on which area(s) of investing you are interested in, as well as how familiar you are with the industry. Because there is not enough time in the day to read every relevant article, we’ve grouped and briefly described some of the best blogs to help you choose the ones most important to you and your business.

Chances are, you don’t even have enough time in your daily routine visit each of the blogs listed below. To save yourself some time, subscribe to the articles you want to read and have them sent directly to your inbox. This is especially useful when a site publishes quality content, but not very frequently. Choosing to subscribe to too many blogs will flood your inbox, so make sure you only sign up for the amount of information you’re prepared to take in.

Many venture capital blogs cover a wide variety of topics and target both venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. These sites provide useful information whether you’re a VC veteran or just starting to learn about the industry. These may interest you if you like to start your day with some current events in the tech and the investment world, or if you like a daily blog that mixes it up with opinion pieces and tech news in addition to the usual content.

Blogs Statups and Investors Should Read

Bryce Roberts: Bryce Dot VC provides a good mix of tech news, opinions, and other topics in addition to information for investors and entrepreneurs.

Chris Dixon: Writes about both startups and investing, while mixing in a bit of everything else.

Jeff Bussgang: Jeff only posts on his site, Seeing Both Sides, about every three weeks. His site is a good place to subscribe for occasional, but informative reads.

Rob Go: Robgo.org is another good source of information for both sides. His site also includes blogs from other members of his firm, NextView Ventures.

Venture Capitalists

The blogs below provide insight on the venture capitalist side of angel investing. These authors do cover topics entrepreneurs will find useful, but the majority of their content targets venture capitalists. Although these blogs provide useful information for anyone interested in the industry, those looking for entrepreneur-specific information should focus more on sites covered in the next section.

Suggested Blogs for Venture Capitalists

Brad Feld: Feld.com has a wealth of different categories. There are hundreds of articles under both the Investments and Entrepreneurship sections, but the investments section is a bit larger.

Dan Primack – Writes on a variety of topics for Fortune, including the daily newsletter, Term Sheet.

Mattermark: Mattermark’s blog aggregates a lot of great articles for investors, including some from authors on this page.

For Entrepreneurs

Due to reduced restrictions on crowdfunding, there are currently more investors than entrepreneurs. Unsurprisingly, many sites aimed at entrepreneurs also include information for investors. For example, Mark Suster’s website Both Sides of the Table has multiple sections dedicated to tips for entrepreneurs, but it also provides information investors will find useful.

Suggested Blogs for Entrepreneurs

Fred Wilson: Fred describes avc.com as “my diary, my sandbox, my therapy” and writes about everything from upcoming accelerator deadlines to recently released apps he finds interesting.

Mark Suster: Mark’s site, Both Sides of the Table, has useful information for entrepreneurs and investors, but has entire sections of his site devoted to startup lessons, marketing/PR, and sales tips to help entrepreneurs.

Pandodaily: Pando.com provides a good mix of information, as well as an advice section containing a podcast, radio show, and other content.

Tech News

These sites aggregate fresh tech content from all over the web and include a plethora of articles. Tech news sites are good places to visit if you want to catch up on tech trends, the latest developments, and even wander to topics like video games.

Like general news sites, each of these sites aims to cover the most recent and relevant stories while providing their own blend of content. Because of content overlap, the biggest differentiating factor between these sites is the layout of the websites. The site you choose to repeatedly visit will most likely be based on how the website presents its stories.

Suggested Tech News Sites

Re/code: Presents Pinterest-style columns of news beneath featured stories.

TechCrunch: Provides an abundance of recent news, with a front page full of stories only a few hours old.

Techmeme: Posts articles from a variety of sites, such as Forbes, VentureBeat, and Re/code. More text-heavy than other sites.

VentureBeat: Much like TechCrunch, VentureBeat displays a good deal of recent news on its homepage and has a similar feel with a little more white space.

There is a plethora of relevant information available, whether you’re an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, or both. With so many blogs providing this information, there are only so many you have the time to read. Whether you subscribe to sites because of the content delivered, the author’s writing style, or the frequency of content, making sure you choose the right blogs to follow will help you get the most out of your reading.