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Also known as a “locked-up,” “lock-in,” or “lock-out” period, a lock-up period is the timeframe in which existing shareholders, such as corporate insiders, employees, owners, founders, and private investors, are prohibited from selling or redeeming their shares in a company … Continue reading

Something we always recommend to startups looking to raise money on our platform is to create a campaign video for their raise. While it’s not strictly necessary, according to a recent Forbes article, Indiegogo has found that campaigns with pitch … Continue reading

Fostering Innovation in Your Startup

Fostering Innovation in Your Startup

Prolific writer and Nobel Prize laureate, William Faulkner, is credited with the following quote: “I only write when inspiration strikes. Fortunately, it strikes at nine every morning.” Certainly, writing the “Next Great American Novel” is quite different from developing the … Continue reading

For many startups, the long-established method of raising the necessary funds to get their business to the next level can be a long and winding path. From conducting research, to pitching to investors, to negotiating equity valuation and potentially adjusting … Continue reading

In our last blog post, we reviewed what convertible notes are, their key features, when, and why they’re used. We also briefly touched on the crowd note as a modified version of a convertible note that was designed specifically for … Continue reading