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Questions to Ask Before You Invest

Questions to Ask Before You Invest

Investing in startups can be exciting. You’re backing entrepreneurs, helping new technologies grow, and potentially introducing some disruption into longstanding industries. That said, such investments are also inherently risky. You’re funding a company that is oftentimes just gaining traction or … Continue reading

Amazon. Airbnb. Snap Inc. Groupon. 23andMe. While these companies wouldn’t initially seem to have much in common, they were in fact all started by non-tech founders. Jeff Bezos of Amazon initially worked on Wall Street before founding the billion-dollar company; … Continue reading

There are a myriad of books written for entrepreneurs who desire to make their startup a success, but not quite as many for investors looking to put their money behind the right ones. With that said, books written with entrepreneurs … Continue reading

Twitter is a great source of information for startup investors, providing an abundance of recent blog posts and current events while shrinking these messages down to 140 character previews. Each venture capitalist and entrepreneur uses Twitter in a different way, delivering a different … Continue reading