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Diversification can be a key principle of investing, and one way to achieve diversification is by including assets from both the public and private markets in a portfolio. While the public markets, such as the stock market, are well-known and … Continue reading

If you’ve ever considered investing in startups, then you’ve likely heard or read that startup investments are risky. And with more than 50% of startups failing within the first four years, there’s no doubt that making an investment in a … Continue reading

Questions to Ask Before You Invest

Questions to Ask Before You Invest

Investing in startups can be exciting. You’re backing entrepreneurs, helping new technologies grow, and potentially introducing some disruption into longstanding industries. That said, such investments are also inherently risky. You’re funding a company that is oftentimes just gaining traction or … Continue reading

A Recap of CES 2018

A Recap of CES 2018

CES (otherwise known as the Consumer Electronics Show) has come and gone again this year. Featuring emerging products and brand new innovations, CES is the gathering place for what’s new in robotics, internet of things, gaming, health, and much more. … Continue reading

It’s been over one year since MicroVentures teamed up with Indiegogo to form First Democracy VC (FDVC), a registered funding portal that allows investors like you to support startups. Since then, more than 20 startups have been funded via FDVC … Continue reading

Blockchain and bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies, have been featured quite a bit in the news recently as companies like Kik, a MicroVentures portfolio company, raises funds via an initial coin offering (ICO) and the price of bitcoin crosses … Continue reading

Investing in startups is inherently risky. In fact, a quick search online will show the often-quoted statistic: eight (or even nine) out of 10 startups will fail. Today, we’re diving into that statistic in depth to see how risky startups … Continue reading

The startup investment landscape has recently undergone some significant changes. The SEC previously restricted investing in private deals almost exclusively to accredited investors, but the JOBS Act reduces the limitations of these private investments. Because of these reduced limitations, investors … Continue reading