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Founded in 2012 and based in San Francisco, California, Ripple Labs has created a cross-border payments solution for financial institutions seeking to process and settle payments across country lines. By using Ripple’s flagship XRP Ledger, XRP digital currency, and proprietary … Continue reading

Starting a new business is an exciting but challenging endeavor. One of the most important aspects of launching a new venture is deciding if, when, and how to raise capital for a startup. With many options available, it’s essential to … Continue reading

The startup ecosystem has witnessed a remarkable transformation in recent years, with the rise of AI unicorns helping to reshape the landscape of innovation and investment. These AI companies, valued at over $1 billion, have not only demonstrated growth but … Continue reading

For startups, the concept of recurring revenue can hold significance. For many young businesses, the ability to generate recurring revenue can be a game-changer, providing stability and long-term growth potential. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of recurring … Continue reading

The exploration of space has long captivated many, representing the ultimate frontier of discovery and innovation. From the early days of the Space Race to the present era of commercial space ventures, the industry has undergone remarkable evolution. In this … Continue reading

2024 IPO Check-in

2024 IPO Check-in

As we are now halfway through 2024, it is time to check in on the status of the 2024 IPO Outlook and see which companies have successfully completed an IPO, new companies that have filed, and who else to keep … Continue reading

Every startup goes on its own unique journey, but many typically follow the same generalized steps to get there. To help navigate this journey successfully, it can be important for founders to understand the various stages a startup typically goes … Continue reading

When a startup decides to raise capital through crowdfunding, the following question often poses itself: “Should I offer equity or revenue share to potential investors?” With the same goal of raising capital, the execution and post-raise period can look significantly … Continue reading

In recent years, the investment landscape has seen a significant shift with the introduction of Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF). This innovative approach to investing has opened doors for both accredited and non-accredited investors to participate in early-stage startup opportunities. But … Continue reading

When making investments, understanding valuations has become increasingly important for private market investors in recent years. In the face of bloated valuations being corrected with time, the intricacies of startup valuations and valuation methods paired with an understanding of valuation … Continue reading