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General solicitation for startups can be a powerful tool that allows startups to reach a wider pool of potential investors. However, not every startup that is raising capital is able to utilize general solicitation. Knowing if you can generally solicit, … Continue reading

Market cap and market value are two terms that often float around in the investment world. While both metrics aim to quantify a company’s worth, they each hold different perspectives, each offering valuable insights. In this post, we’ll explore market … Continue reading

The biotechnology industry has been a driving force behind groundbreaking innovations that have revolutionized healthcare, agriculture, and environmental sustainability. From its humble beginnings to its current status as a global powerhouse, the biotech sector has continuously pushed the boundaries of … Continue reading

One challenge an entrepreneur can face when launching and growing their startup is raising funding. Without adequate capital, even the most promising business ideas can struggle to get off the ground or reach their full potential. Fortunately, there are various … Continue reading

Investing in private markets offers a multitude of opportunities for investors, but it also demands a solid understanding of the different types of securities available. Among the most common are common stock, preferred stock, and convertible notes. Each has its … Continue reading

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been one of the hottest areas for venture capital investment in recent years. As AI systems become increasingly advanced and capable of taking on more complex tasks, VCs have been investing money into startups working on … Continue reading

A concise and compelling pitch deck could be considered an important part of any startup. It’s your opportunity to tell an engaging story about your business, your vision, and the potential for growth, all without saying a word. A well-crafted … Continue reading

Investing in private markets can require a strategic approach to sourcing investment deals for an investor’s portfolio. Finding the opportunities that make the most sense for your portfolio and may be able to help you meet investment goals can be … Continue reading

As an early investor in startups, one of the most exciting potential events is when a company you’ve backed decides to go public through an initial public offering (IPO). An IPO is a major milestone that can create an exit … Continue reading

Due diligence can be a key stage of the fundraising process. Investors may scrutinize every aspect of your business before deciding to back you with their capital. While demanding, due diligence can serve an important purpose – helping investors to … Continue reading